Rave Reviews at the Hollywood Fringe!


Sam's been getting raves from the Hollywood press for her U.S. debut of Sam Shaber: Life, Death & Duran Duran at the Complex Theatre. Read on to see what the critics are saying, and there's still time to get tickets to the final performance this Thursday, June 21: www.hff.org/5065.

Stage Raw
"The trust she puts in her audiences as receivers of her story makes it feel like a privilege to be invited in to listen."
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Broadway World
"A touching tale of love, loss and the power within ourselves to overcome every single challenge and emerge as the person we were always meant to be."
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Indie Voice Blog
"Her songwriting is brilliant, and her musical abilities place her at the top of the indie music scene.  She packed the house and truly gave everyone a show they will never forget.  We feel so fortunate to have had the privilege of seeing it, and will carry its message in our hearts forever."
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NoHo Arts District
"As she sings her own quite wonderful, intimate and spellbindingly authentic songs between her vivid and beautiful, honest storytelling, she lovingly intertwines Duran Duran’s familiar melodies and lyrics, mixing her life with theirs...Her honest, simple and unfettered performance of what are the deepest pieces of herself is absolutely sublime. Bravo. I think the ‘Duran’ boys would be proud..."
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My Haunt Life
"This will end up being one of my favorite shows of the festival this year. Her winning personality and upbeat outlook on life is truly inspirational. With a beautiful, charismatic presence, we are led down the journey of someone looking for themselves, and finding out they can be so much more than they expected."
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Night Tinted Glasses
"Sam Shaber does a fine job of touching our hearts, and showing us how music can both celebrate joy and help heal our wounds. I felt she gave us a lot of herself in the show, and the honor was all ours."
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Gia on the Move
"Her show is about having gratitude for loved ones, and finding joy in sadness. Her perspective is life-affirming. Highly recommended."
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