Singer-songwriter-indie rocker Sam Shaber grew up in New York City where she began playing live in 1996. Today, she’s toured over 200,000 miles and released 11 independent albums, initially as a solo folkie, and more recently fully plugged-in with her band The Happy Problem. She’s also written, produced and performed with Brazilian rock-reggae band The Good People of Planet Earth, Brooklyn dance-rock trio The Bashful, and New Jersey hip-hop group The Org. She currently lives in Los Angeles, where she’s become part of the flourishing world of performance storytelling, recently appearing in shows in Hollywood, Pasadena, Pacific Palisades, and more. This summer, she’s excited to be performing the world premiere of the true-story, full-length show Life, Death & Duran Duran at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, presented by the Gilded Balloon.